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Loc Ties By Lona 

A major advantage to Loc Ties by Lona is they are completely adjustable to fit any type of hair from natural, thick, locked, or bushy.  Adjusting the band to fit snugly is simply a matter of double wrapping the band around the hair and attaching the band to the ornament.  You can wear the Loc Tie band in a variety of ways.  Positioning is everything with these hot accessories.  You can wear it loose for a bushy carefree look, pulled tighter for a classic look, or go a little more sophisticated by using it to offset a dramatic up do.  Loc Ties by Lona are a winner guaranteed to get you lots of compliments anyway you wear them!


As Hot, Happening, and Racy as they are, they're also a kinder, gentler, and more effective way to hold back your hair.  NO MORE RUBBER BANDS!


Women of all ages are wearing the hot, new, and very affordable Loc Ties by Lona to compliment their natural style.  Men really love the masculine bone and shell loc ties.


Lona's Loc Ties come in various colors and styles.  You can mix and match them.  They work great with hair that's curly, Locs, natural, and everything in between. They also make  fantastic gifts for that special person in your life.


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